Current team members

People Andrea Alamia, Principal Investigator. Interested in understanding whether Bayesian inference and Predictive Coding could tell us all the secrets of the brain. Also into traveling, learning, and sport (currently at the gym, previously judo and breakdance). Big fan of Asimov’s books (all of them!), historical fictions and dinosaurs. For more information about my past experiences, here my CV page.

People Leslie Marie-Louise, Project Manager. I have a background in neuroscience and neuropsychology. I worked as a research assistant at the babylab of the École normale supérieure in Paris. I have always been fascinated by how the brain works. The neural system, human behavior and child development are my main interests. I would like to participate in the application of scientific knowledge in society and make it more accessible to all. In my free time, I enjoy dancing and traveling. I always enjoy new adventures, as long as they are as far away from spiders, ants and all the bugs as possible. I am a big fan of cake day!!

People Xiaoqi Xu, PostDoc. I am a post-doc working on computational models to explain the functional role of travelling waves from a Predictive Coding point of view. My PhD work at ISAE SUPAERO focused on using mathematical approaches to decode mental states from EEG signals in the context of brain-computer interfaces. Before that I studied pure mathematics at Université Paris-Saclay and artificial intelligence at Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay.

People Jakob Schwenk, PostDoc. Stitching together the brain’s space-time continuum - how is communication between brain areas (space) coordinated by local oscillations (time)! More specifically, how does the thalamo-cortical loop shape the dynamics of hierarchical processing. Approaching this through biologically plausible network models, building on my PhD work in experimental neurophysiology at the Neurophysics Lab in Marburg. In my free time working on real-world implementations of cross-frequency coupling between my left and right hand on the cello or the piano.

People Martina Pasqualetti, PhdStudent. I am a PhD student working on a Predictive Coding interpretation of travelling waves. My background studies in Neurosciences introduced me to cognitive sciences and the study of consciousness. The mind-body dualism blowed my mind so much that I decided to pursue a research career centred on the investigation of it.How can a well-organized mass of atoms and energy become aware of itself? Well, unfortunately I don’t know yet, but in the meanwhile I will take care of my mental health by growing my amazing indoor plant collection.

Past team members

People Bhavin Choksi, PostDoc. I am interested in understanding networks using a special pair of glasses: one which has a machine learning lens on one and neuroscience on the other. Specifically, I am interested in building networks that are more biological and in turn using them and their properties to get a peek into the human brain. In my free time, I am just trying to wrap my head around the fact that cheese can also be eaten as a dessert.

Maeva Kurtz, M2 student.
Can Pouliquen, M2 student. Co-supervised with Rufin VanRullen.
Asmae Belmahi, M2 student.
Nathan Gaubil, M2 student. Co-supervised with Martin Giurfa.
Yifan Zeng, M1 student.
Malo Renaud D’Ambra, M1 student. Co-supervised with Rufin VanRullen.
Lucie Terral, M1 student. Co-supervised with Rufin VanRullen.
Dimitri Paisios, M1 student. Co-supervised with Rufin VanRullen.
Victor Gauducheau, M2 student. Co-supervised with Rufin VanRullen.