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Cognitive Neuroscience : Unconscious Learning

The idea is to interview several senior researchers with similar questions in order to give them space to reflect upon their own career in an open and sincere manner and to show the diversity of academic paths to the younger generation. The interview transcriptions will be made available on the Echoscience platform for the French version and on this website for the English version.
NEWS: :microphone: Yves Trotter, CNRS researcher in Toulouse, France will be our first guest!

Moral extremism and speciesism

Combining different approaches to adequately compare the justification systems behind carnism and veganism with the ones behind pro- and anti-animal experimentation positions.

Development and maintenance of shared gardens within universities. How sustainable are such initiatives?

:seedling: There is an increasing number of shared gardens that are created in public spaces. I am particularly interested in the creation, development, and maintenance of such gardens on university campuses to try to understand the key aspects that will make those gardens last in time and the different audiences that meet in such places.